Prestwick Centre Golf Club

Est. 1973

Fun Social Work Based Golf Club

PCGC Singles

Singles Match Play Competition with full Handicap Allowance against the lowest Handicap player.

All entries received by the date determined by the Committee shall be entered in an unseeded Draw Sheet below

Group Stages then Knockout competition. All group stage ties should be played by the 31st July

Group winners will progress to the knockout phase of the competition as shown in the knockout sheet below and 3 best runner ups

3 points awarded for a win (please advise secretary of winning score, may be used in the event of a tie in the group)

1 point awarded for a draw

Both parties should make an attempt at organising the tie if one party makes more of an effort than the other they should be awarded the win otherwise the result will be a draw

Committee has final decision

Result of the tie should be informed to Secretary when match is completed

Exact score of tie is needed to calculate +/-

If for example you win 5 & 4, winner receives a +/- score of +5 and the runner up a score of -4. For a win 5 & 3 the winner would receive a +/- score of 5 and the runner up a score of -3.

+/- score will be used to determine final position if points are tied, then result against each other (if played), then biggest/earliest victory then a blind draw if it comes to that.

Winner: £60

Runner Up: £25

Group Stages (ties to be completed by 31st July)

Group 1* Played Points +/-
Chris Magorian 2 6 2
Tom Chambers 2 3 1
Gareth Dowse* WD WD WD
Liam Moran** WD WD WD

Chris Magorian beat Tom Champers 1&0

*Gareth Dowse withdrawn due injury, as no ties have been played group reverts to a group of 3

**Liam Moran withdraws, both Tom and Chris have been awarded 1&9 wins

Group 2* Played Points +/-
Andrew Chapman 2 6 7
Laurie Alford 2 1 -1
Craig Hughes 2 1 -3
Gary Conroy*** WD WD WD

Andrew Chapman beat Craig Hughes 5&3

Craig Hughes beat Gary Conroy 6&5

***Gary Conroy withdrawn due injury, group reverts to a group of 3

Andrew Chapman beat Laurie Alford 2&1

Craig Hughes & Laurie Alford Match Halved

Group 3 Played Points +/-
Allan Chapman 2 3 3
Ian Kemp 2 3 2
PJ Wharton 2 3 -1

Allan Chapman beat PJ Wharton 3&2

PJ Wharton beat Ian Kemp 1&0

Ian Kemp beat Allan Chapman 2&0

Group 4 Played Points +/-
Elza Chapman 2 6 10
Andrew Rainford 2 3 -2
Simon Hughes 2 0 -13

Elza Chapman beat Andrew Rainford 5&3

Elza Chapman beat Simon Hughes 5&4

Andrew Rainford beat Simon Hughes unfulfilled tie 1&9 result awarded by committee

Group 5 Played Points +/-
John Tanner 2 6 6
Paul Pritchard 2 3 -2
Shahid Mohamemd 2 0 -18

John Tanner beat Paul Pritchard 5&3

John Tanner beat Shahid Mohammed concession 1&9 result awarded by committee

Paul Pritchard beat Shahid Mohammed unfulfilled tie 1&9 result awarded by committee

Best 2nd Place Table
Played Points +/- Earliest Win
Ian Kemp 2 3 2 18th
Tom Chambers 2 3 1 -
Andrew Rainford 2 3 -2 -
Paul Pritchard 2 3 -2 -
Laurie Alford 2 1 -1 -

Andrew Rainford v Paul Pritchard will determine 3rd best 2nd place qualifier for knockouts, tie to be played asap.

Paul Pritchard beats Andrew Rainford

Knockout Draw Sheet

Drawn at random after conclusion of group stages

Quarter Final
By 31st August
Semi Final
By 30th September
By 30th October
Elza Chapman Elza Chapman Elza Chapman Elza Chapman
Paul Pritchard
John Tanner John Tanner
Tom Chambers
Allan Chapman Allan Chapman Andrew Chapman
Chris Magorian
Andrew Chapman Andrew Chapman
Ian Kemp